`service_executed` event replacement

The documentation for events states that it will no longer be possible to listen to the service_executed after 0.84. Is there any sort of replacement for this? There are situations where I’d like to know that a service call completed, before executing the next step in an automation.

It doesn’t look like there is a replacement, what are you trying to do? Maybe there is another solution.

The specific task I was trying to do is to take a Hass.io snapshot, and then trigger the backup to Dropbox (via an add-on). But I need to know when the snapshot is done. Now, I can just put in a long delay and call it good, but this seemed more elegant.

I just use a 1hr delay… I don’t think you could ever do anything different for that particular task.

Other tasks I do check if the state of something changed within a timeframe - could use as a condition or a trigger. The snapshot/dropbox thing is a tough one.

I too was trying to leverage service_executed event when the snapshot service was called. The Events documentation STILL lists it as available. But alas, in the developer tools menu, no such event is listed. I’m reluctant to submit an edit to the docs without knowing if there is any alternative, not to mention not being able to find where it was documented that it was removed in the first place.