Service or a way to purge event media Nest

I’ ve got a lot of event on my nest doorbell and i must have to purge the event_media directory manually it could be fine to have a service to do that.

It already purges over a certain limit (1k images). You can disable using the permissions granted to home assistant, or otherwise maybe Python Scripts - Home Assistant or something.

ok 1472 images and not purge are you sure for the limit?

How many devices do you have?

I have got 2:

  • a Nest hub max
  • and a Doorbell

Supposed to be 1k per device, though also includes 1 original media and 1 thumbnail.

ok i purge it yesterday and for now I’ve got some 397 images from the doorbell, I will wait and see, thanks for all.

I have the same problem with 2 Nest cams.
How do you use “purge”?

Sorry, what’s the in problem you have? The media files are already bounded so you don’t need to purge anything. Or you can shut off the feature via permissions.

Can you post an example ?
I want to turn off events snapshotting because it’s writing my sd card and I don’t want/use that.

Thanks a lot!

Hi, See the first link in the troubleshooting section of the nest integration docs. (On mobile so I don’t have it handy)

You can manage devices and permissions granted to Home Assistant in the Nest Partner Connections Manager. Restart Home Assistant to make new devices available.

Cool thanks!

Cross-posting slightly - the ‘first link in the troubleshooting section’ as a solution is not a solution.
The first troubleshooting section is to do with device permissions, not media. Turning off the permission to grab screenshots, doesn’t solve the issue per-say, just works around it somewhat.

Is there a solution that allows this to be configurable, or even something as simple as a ‘delete’ button in the media browser?

I’m misunderstanding your point about not solving it. If you turn off permissions, it won’t save any more media. Are you saying it’s not solving it because you want more flexibility that isn’t provided? No plans to add any more features for this.

No, I’m saying we need a way to delete items already created.
Disabling the function after the fact doesn’t solve the root issue of files being in place taking up storage.

We either need a delete/purge function, or the media function doing a scan of the file system.

As an example, I just blew out the nest config, but it still thinks the files are there if i go back to media once adding nest back.

Ok maybe it could delete the existing media when you delete the integration.

I don’t have any plans to add any other delete options.

Thats fine if its maybe planned for future, but whats the workaround for now?

…see other thread, worked it out: