Service: switch.turn_on is toggling a custom switch instead of turning it on only

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Hi Guys

I have some custom switches, i want to turn on a few of them using a script. I’m using switch.turn_on but it seems like its toggling the switches i.e. if the switch is already on, calling the turn_on service is turning it off. Any idea why or how i should be doing this differently ?

this is my switch config:

  - platform: mqtt
    name: "Garage Bypass"
    command_topic: "paradox/control/zones/Garage"
    state_topic: "paradox/states/zones/Garage/bypassed"
    state_on: "True"
    state_off: "False"
    payload_on: "bypass"
    payload_off: "clear_bypass"

this is the service call:

service: switch.turn_on
  entity_id: switch.garage_bypass

The HA config seems fine.
Have you checked on what is behind the MQTT switch if sending “bypass” while the door is already “bypasssed” doesn’t clear it?

ah ! you are right, nothing to do with the switch, if i send a bypass payload to the command topic using MQTT explorer it reverses the current state like a toggle.

Any idea how i prevent the switch from duplicating the command?

You can trap this in the automation calling the script, can’t you? Basically, don’t turn it on again if it’s already on.