Service to soft-reset Z-wave stick from automation?

I’m having the same problem as a lot of you with frequent 800-series z wave stick communication errors (ZST39) fixed with a soft reset of the stick.

My Z wave JS doesn’t always reset automatically when this happens, and I was going to put soft resets either on a schedule (which could have problems of it’s own I know) or recognize from the status that it’s not recovering correctly and triggering the reset. I couldn’t find a service or entity to soft reset the stick. Is there a way to do this?

Which add-on are you using?

Z Wave JS UI, most recent update

Hey I’m having the same issue with my Aeotec ZWA010-A ZWave USB ZStick 7. It locks up every 2-3 days and requires a soft reset or HA restart.

It’s odd as I can still see all devices on Z-Wave js GUI, but I can’t send commands and there are tons of RX errors.

An automated way to run the Z-Wave soft reset would help.

Strange as I had no issues with my old nortek stick.
On the new stick I did use S2 when possible and I think the old network has no security.

There is a known problem with 700/800 sticks that causes this. There is supposed to be an update to the firmware from Silabs but they are far from responsive about the issue.

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Does anyone have any specific behavior or log entries that show what happens when this issue presents itself ? I guess I’m trying to understand exactly what a “soft reset” is. My 800 stick stops every 3 or so days with a log error that the usb port had an error. So is this what is referred to as soft reset ?

It’s when the Z Wave stick shows the status that it is “unable to transmit”. Usually it will reset itself which temporarily resolves the freeze but can cause lost frames (annoying results). When it doesn’t, it stays frozen for quite a while or sometimes until you reset it yourself. I don’t have any logs myself but many people have posted theirs on the a wave js forums. what I was hoping with this post is that there was someway to automate the reset when it seemed like it had gotten stuck.

Hey all, to restart zwave js ui or do a soft reset in an automation, please see my post here:


I’ll give this a shot, thanks!