Service zwave add_node/remove_node

I’ve been using home-assistant with z-wave for a couple of weeks now but just found the service-calls for zwave/add_node & zwave/remove_node.

How does those work exactly? Can i use them to add and remove nodes to my z-wave controller? Are any service data required/available?

Yes, you can use it to add/remove nodes. I have tried it once when I noticed it and seemed to work fine and is quite convenient VS having to stop the service and unplugging my zwave stick to use the button.

From memory I just hit the “Call Service” button and performed the include action on the device I wanted to add and it just worked.

I used that function yesterday. I hit add node then the action button on my plug and there it was. If you run that process and you don’t see your node try restarting hass. I had to do that to see the plug.