Servo, stepper or something else - riddle me this

I’m after help on options to replace my manual webcam release lever. I have a large monitor 40" with a webcam on an arm connected in such a way that I can manually swing it down so that the webcam is at my eyeline. This enables me to use the screen as a prompt with the audience being none the wiser. Works great.

However because i’m a geek, nerd and possibly lazy i’d like to add a mechanical element to this so that i can ask my Home Assistant/ESPHome device to lower and raise the arm over WIFI. I have considered both servo’s and steppers but after expert advice on the solution. My concern is that the arm must be in 90 degree rotation when “off”. Could the stepper still be turned off and maintain the position, same with the servo. Possibly an end stop is required (infra-red)? equally i want to turn the motor off when the camera is in the on position (down). I’ve thought about a cable but can’t see a way of doing this without the cable being visible.

My initial thoughts were a tiny adafruit stepper>driver>ESP32 with an endstop. Or am I over thinking this. I already have a 5v supply in that area powering an led strip so I could make use of that.

Weight wise the webcam is a 4k camera module on an alloy 4mm tube with the usb cable. so i’m guessing its fairly light.

BTW the arm can’t go up and down as i have two monitors above which are at an angle facing down with no gap between them.