Set a level of a light already on - What am I doing wrong

So I have an automation, that basically turns on lights on and sets the dimmer level to 60 after my tv turns off.

It seems to only work if the lights are off, For example if one of the lights is already on it seems to skip that light.

This it my action statement

  - service: light.turn_on
        - light.frog_ceiling_light
        - light.frog_fan_light
      brightness: 60

It seems like it should work, right? Is there something else that needs to be done if the lights are already on?


I think it depends on the light platform you’re using. What are you using?

FWIW, I just tried this with one of my GE Z-Wave dimmers, and it set the brightness even if the light was already on.

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They are both zwave dimmers. hmmm, maybe 60% is dimmer than I thought. I’ll do more thourough testing, to see if its actually doing it or not.

You are not specifying 60% here, you are specifiying 23.5%. You are using brightess which is a level 0 is well 0 and 255 is full brightness.

You can use brightness_pct: if is easier to think in terms of percentage.

Example below from my setup