Set an alarm on google based on a calendar event?

I have been searching and searching for answers to this but cant seem to find one. Im pretty new to all this so go easy on me.
I was trying to find out if its at all possible to have my google nest mini I have in the bedrooom have an alarm set based on a calendar event.
I work a four day week but the days off change I could and do set the alarm daily but where’s the fun in that automation is much more fun.
I know I can set a notification on the calendar but its a wake up alarm I need.
Any help appreciated.

I do a similar thing with my work calendar but it is on O365 rather than Google so all I can do is say, start with this and get your events into HA first, then work on getting the nest cooperate.

I ended up skipping the alarmclock step and now have HA raise my lights over about 20 minutes followed by music slowly fading in. With the timing based on which office I need to be at for work and at what time, from my work calendar.

I’ve got the calendar functioning no problem it already does automations based on my work days. The issue is getting nest to do something.

Turning up the lights isn’t really an option as I’d wake my mrs way too early. I’ve considered music but I quite like that all I have to say is stop to stop an alarm instead of ok google stop. Hardly a huge thing I know but still a thing. It’s not a big deal of course but I really liked the idea of an alarm clock that was set based on if I’m working or not.

I tried using assistant relay that I found when searching but installing the repository does nothing it simply doesn’t show. I was going to look into this more at the weekend if I get time.

Did you ever sort this out? I’m in a similar situation… Thanks

I didnt sadly. Sorry

Can you explain how you have done this? I am struggling with this for couple of days now.

So its changed quite a bit since I posted this but the principal is still the same.

I use node red mostly for my automation’s but I’m sure it will work just as easily in the default automation editor.

I used to just trigger off google calendar I would periodically update my calendar with my work days then have an automation trigger when that event is on.
For my purposes I also had an input_boolean called working so I could check against that.
So the automation at the start of the day would turn on the input bool (helper)“working” and then any other routines I wanted to work based on if I was working or not could check that rather than querying the calendar. That way I didn’t run into issues with all day events as I would just set my working switch early in the morning then any other calendar events after that.

Now I use home assistants calendars but I have one just for work so I can make an api call to list all events for the next day week etc.

Still cant get google to sound an alarm but I moved away from google anyway and will be moving away from alexa also in the hopefully not too distant future.

My workday routines are things like turning off the house alarm as I walk down stairs and turn on certain lights tv’s, starting a daily brief etc.

Home this helps