Set blind position between 97% and 98%

I got some Zigbee smart blinds and connected them to HA using Tuya. They are “zebra blinds” and have to be in a very specific position to let light in.

I can get them into position using the included RF remote, but using Zigbee it seems to go by percentage. 100 being fully closed and 0 being fully open. But I need it right between 97% and 98% to get both parts in the correct position. I believe the motors themselves have 256 possible positions.

I’m not sure what is limiting them to the 100 possible percentage positionsvia Zigbee, is the limitation something with home assistant, something with Tuya, something with the “shades” profile of the Zigbee protocol, or something with the way the blinds themselves implement it?

Any ideas on finding a workaround? I already tried adjusting the travel limits on the blinds.