Set Boot from SSD does not work

Hi folks! I am trying to install HA on a RPi4 on a SSD. I am trying to set Boot from USB, but when I start the RPi with the Sd card into it, I get “failed to open device ‘sd card’ (cmd 81a0010 status 0)”. No green or red screen.

Any suggestions? Thank you!!

PS: I am following this tut: Home Assistant Raspberry Pi 4 SSD Installation and Migration - YouTube

If you are booting from a USB ssd drive you don’t need an SD card. You just flash the HA file to the SSD.

Follow this but where it says sd card use your SSD

I don’t need to change to USB boot anymore? Is this what you are saying?

Screenshot 2023-07-25 180234

Are you trying to boot from sd card to change over to boot from usb? If so an it isn’t working after flashing the sd card you almost certainly have a faulty as card.

I am trying to boot from SSD in the end. So I created a SD card with USB Boot code. The problem is I do not get a green screen or a red screen like I believe I should. Instead I get this message: “failed to open device ‘sd card’ (cmd 81a0010 status 0)”.

I tried with a few different SD cards, including one which I tested by installing HA on it beforehand.

So no idea how to fix this.

Not sure how to fix it either maybe ask on the raspberry forum. It is an RPi4, ir dont works on RPi3.