Set brightness to 100% when using wall light switch button?

Hey Everyone!

I have an HS220 TP-Link dimmer wall switch successfully installed and controlled by an Aqara P1 motion sensor through Home Assistant. It is configured to turn on automatically after sunset at 25% brightness and not turn on while the sun is up.

If I turn the switch on manually during the day using the HS220 wall button, it turns on at the last brightness, usually 25% from the previous automated trigger. However, I would like to have the brightness always reset to 100% if I turn it on with a tap of the wall button. I have looked in the Kasa app for this option, but it’s not there.

How can I use Home Assistant to detect the light turned on using the wall button and then set the brightness to 100%? (Turing the light on via Home Assistant automation with a motion sensor would always use the automation’s brightness value.)

I appreciate your help!!

Hi, create an automation for that button with a service call to turn on the light in which you specify the percentage.

EDIT: have a look at this TP-Link HS220 Dimmer TP-Link Kasa Smart

How do I detect in Home Assistant that the wall button was pressed?

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