Set_color or set_state in Hue

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Hue: Light.set_color option or similar feature

say I want to change the color of a hue light for a period of time, I’d use something like this:

- data:
      brightness_pct: 40
      color_temp: 500
      entity_id: light.buro_decke_mitte
      transition: 2
    entity_id: light.buro_decke_mitte
    service: light.turn_on

I was wondering if there is a possibility to change just the color (or any parameter of the light) without using the light.turn_on call.
Like a light.set_color or light.set_option call or something along those lines.

The very heelpful responder said that:

The Lifx light has a set state service that does not require the light to be turned on. Hue does not appear to have this service though.

It would be nice to get a pure set_state call, as Lifx has. Who would be adding such an option? Is that something from the integration/plugin team or would that be something Hue has to make possible first?

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