Set dimmer to 100% when turning on manually

I have a few Aeon Labs Micro Dimmers. These sit in a junction box behind a standard light switch, and the light switch is wired to the Micro Dimmer as a manual control.

My wife would like it if the dimmer always went to 100% when the lights are turned on manually. However, the hardware actually remembers the dimmer setting from the last time it was turned on.

The question is, how can I tell a manual activation of the switch from an automated activation? For instance, I have a late night scene that dims or extinguishes outdoor lights, and I definitely want to leave the dimmed porch lights dimmed.

Maybe it’s easier to have the dimmer always reset to 100% when it goes from on to off, But I can’t figure out how to set the brightness > 0 without actually turning the dimmer on.

why not just wrote a automation when it’s trun on turn the brightness to 100

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I have scenes that set the brightness to less than 100%. How can I differentiate a manual trigger from an automated one, so the automation doesn’t run when such a scene is triggered?

Then add each of your existing automations some input_boolean that would be set to true when automation start (and before actually turning the light on). Create new automation that is triggered by light state change from off to on (so would be triggered every time). This automation should check value of new input_boolean. If true, then light was turned on by automation and do nothing with brightness, but reset the input_boolean to false. If false, light was turned on manually, so then set the light to 100%.

What about a condition in the brightness=100-automation?

condition = off

Scenes don’t have states.

You’ll have to use the context attribute on a state trigger. So create an automation and turn on / off the light manually and on/off using a scene. Note what the context attribute contains and build a condition off that.

- alias: Test light changes
  - platform: state
  - service: persistent_notification.create
      message: "{{ trigger.to_state.context }}"

3 context properties will be shown, some of them will be populated or not based on what is triggering the light change.

Hmmm. I’m getting notifications when the light is turned on/off through HA, but not when manually switched. To be certain, I checked the history, and manual switching doesn’t show up.

Is that because these are Z-wave devices and the node_status entities are unavailable in Z-wave JS?

Edit: It’s probably the issue described here. Without manual state change notifications, I guess I’m out of luck. Probably the best I can do is to force the brightness to 100% before switching off.