Set ECO and COMFORT temperature for AVM thermostats from UI

Hi folks!

I’ve created some schedules for my AVM thermostats and now I want to set the eco and comfort temps from HA. Is there any possibility? I already checked the docs for the climate entities, but there is only a way to set the preset mode, not the temps for the preset mode.

In the FritzBox I already deactivated the schedules there, but now the thermostats doesn’t have any temps.

Is there any way to set them by the UI in HA?

Looks like this is not possible as my research revealed or do some of you have this configurable?

Hi Marco,
I started yesterday to move my thermostat automation as well from AVM Fritzbox to HA and actually have the same question that you have. Right, looks Like it is not possible.
I used now the scheduler Integration and Frontend found on HACS and this is quite nice and convenient to implement a heating schedule.

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Thats what I’ve done too. Too bad that this is not possible