Set Helper > Group state via automation

I created a Helper > Group > Binary Sensor Group, and added motion sensors to the group.

Automations work as expected when a motion sensor in the group turns on. So far so good.

Now I want to set the Group state via an automation but cannot fathom how to do this.
It must be possible because one can set the state via Developer Tools

I cannot see how to set the state in an automation.
I expected ‘Call Service’ > Group Set’ to handle it but I can’t figure out the Object ID or see where to set a State = On option

Any help or ideas welcome. I’ve searched and investigated and am stuck

Groups don’t work that way. Their state follows the state of the group members.

Why would you want to set the state manually? What are you trying to achieve?

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@AntonH thank you for clarifying …and for taking the time to respond.

To answer your question: I want to syncronise the state of an Input Boolean Toggle Switch with the Group state, while not duplicating automation actions.

The plan was to have the Toggle set the group state to turn lights on/off so my dashboard & physical switch are in sync with actual light state.

Back to the drawing board!

Do you need an additional entity for that?
If the light entities reflect the actual state of the lights in your room, then the group will also reflect that.

I might misunderstand what you’re trying to do though. If you have some more concrete information, I’d gladly look at it.

Hey AntonH, I really appreciate your offer.

I’m probably over complicating things … I’ll take a step back over the weekend and have another go at solving it.

If I’m stuck I’ll be back with a logic diagram :slight_smile:

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