Set Home Assistant scene from Google Assistant routine

Hello guys,

what I want is a simple smart home feature: open all the shutters when I stop my clock alarm.

What I’ve done in HA:

  • I created an input button in HA that open all the shutters when pressed
  • I exposed it to Google Assistant (I have the Google Assistant integration installed and configured)

What I’ve done with Google:

  • I created an automation in Google Home, so that when I say “Ok Google, open the shutters” it triggers the scene “Open shutters” (HA input buttons are exposed as scene in GA, not as devices), and it works perfectly.

  • I attached a Google Assistant routine to my clock alarm (in the Google clock app) and after other actions like telling me about the weather, daily tasks ect, it calls the “Open shutters” scene. But in this case, it says that it cannot reach my home assistant instance, and then it skips the action.

Can anyone help me with this? The scene is exactly the same, but if I call it from Google Home or Google Assistant it works, if it’s called from a Google Assistant routine by the google clock app, it says it can’t reach home assistant.

Thank you in advance.