Set offset to aqara thermostats

Is there any chance to set a temperature offset to the Aqara thermostats in HA? This would be pretty neat because the temps at the radiator are not even close the temps in the room itself.

How would I set this offset and how would the thermostats using them?

Exact same problem over here… Facing a constant ~+2.0 ℃ offset between actual and reported temperature.

How do you connect them to HA? If you use zigbee2mqtt you can calibrate the settings on the device page (see screenshot)

I use the native Zigbee integration of HA, I gues it’s ZHA

try this. How to calibrate zigbee temp sensor

Have you thought about using the Generic Thermostat to link to an external temp sensor ?

I assume you are talking about the Aqara TRV as you mention radiators.

I use separate Aqara temp and humidity sensors in the same room and link them using the above method.