Set opening duration for QS-Zigbee-CP03 Tuya curtain module

Hi there,

I’m a new HA user noob that’s in the middle of building a ‘smart’ greenhouse. So far I’ve got everything working on a HP thin client running the generic OS.
I can remotely control pumps, fans, open/ close the windows, log temps etc. really awesome stuff.

Only thing I can’t seem to figure out is how to set the duration time of the window switch module.
I can send them open/ close or use the slider to open them just a bit.
Problem is that it stops opening the windows after 10 sec. which equals to a 10cm opened window and I need the full swing (30cm).

Does anyone know where/ how you can configure this?

Kind regards,

Remy (Netherlands)

Found it:
Thanks to Bas!

At first I could get it from 10sec to 20sec, but not over 20 seconds. After a reboot and trying again, it is now rock solid on 30sec, which is exactly what I needed.