Set parameters on android phone through HA and intents?

I was just intrigued by this post

and was wondering, what else on my phone I could set.

I am especially interested in transfering my sleep times (start/stop) from HA directly to Google Fit or unlock my phone when I’m in Bluetooth-range of my HA.

I’m not really a developer but looking for some pointers on how to gather the relevant information to create the appropriate service-calls.

there is a google fit custom component but dont think you can send data to google fit

unlocking phone is not currently possible

when it comes to intents it is up to the app developers to provide the intents for us to consume, so best to start at the app you want the data from and go from there.

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I really like the idea of setting the andriod alarm with ha comp app.

What happens after the alarm goes off? Does it stay in the alarm app for ever? I can see if it sets an alarm each evening for the morning it would fill up the alarms pretty quick.

I have a node red alarm flow that picks up my work shift from a Google calender and offsets the time by travel time etc. And then plays an alarm sound wav on my mobile. I would love to make the flow set the default andriod app instead. I have had a couple of times (over a couple of years) that HA has crashed in the night and my alarm didn’t go off in the morning.

In my experience it adds the alarm the first time you set it but on subsequent alarms as long as the time is the same it just re-uses the prior alarm.

IOW, if you set an alarm every day at 8am it will only create one alarm at 8 am and keep using as long as you don’t delete it.

Again, at least that’s what I’ve seen in my limited testing.

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Thank you finity

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