Set sensitivity for aqara vibration sensor w/o zha

I’ve got a vibration sensor from Aqara (details on the screenshots) and it is really not very responsive. At all. I can set the sensitivity via dropdown to one of three options (low, medium, high) but it doesn’t seem to change a lot. Or anything at all…
I see quite some websites saying to alter the cluster settings but without zha I don’t have those.
So am I stuck with this pretty useless sensor?

The z2m setting is doing the same thing.

ZHA does not otherwise expose the sensitivity setting, so mucking with cluster attributes is the only option. At least it didn’t expose the setting in the past. ZHA is getting better in this regard, but I haven’t tested this sensor under ZHA recently.

So this means there is nothing better I can do and that thing is simply a shitty device?!

They meet my needs, but if they don’t work at high for you, I’m not aware of anything else to do.

Make sure the setting change is really taking effect. Change it to low, then to high from the z2m interface so you can see the pop-ups if the command fails. You have to keep the device awake for it to see the setting change.

It is set to high but still it is not performing as needed. Even the timeout seems to be laggy and the vibration itself would need to be an earthquake to prompt this thing.
I wanted to make my doorbell smart with this device but under this circumstances there is no way to do this.
So thanks for your answer.