Set Sono Speaker TTS to Play at X time and repeat Z time until done

I would like to set automation on the Sono Speaker TTS to Say “Time Up now” at first 15 minutes then every 1 minutes different message for 5 more times until a button is pressed. I have Sono TTS and Home assistant Automation all setup to go but not sure how do the first 15 minutes trigger than every 1 minutes for 5 times and quit.

may you can add a helper like input-number and use
automation - chooser todo what you want and increase your input-number
so every run to select different path for what to do
and in the end reset your input number

Thanks do you have any codes sample can share. How many automations do I need and how many input number do I need?

I do not have a automation like your request

i think you should start with

  • 1 inputnumber
  • 1 automation with chooser
  • 1 automation to reset counter

in the automation

  • create triggers based on changed inputnumber
  • in the action part select chooser and make different paths for the things you wish, follow GUI
  • set in the last part a delay and service call to increment the inputnumber