Set_state but only attributes?

Would it be possible to only set attributes with set_state (without actually (re)setting) the state?

Why not just set the new state = old state or does this cause some issues with other automations?

Sure, I can do that… Although I’m not sure if it could trigger an infinite loop, because I am listening to the state of that device (and after trigger post new attributes)… So technically speaking this could loop?

Anyway, I was just wondering if there is a clean way of doing is, looks like it was possible but not anymore?

See line 48

Ah I see, I’m not sure If the listener triggers if you use set state from AppDaemon but could be.

Do you get an error when you try it like this? I don’t see in the set_state method definition whether state is optional or not.

Can’t you set the oneshot parameter in listen_state in your init, and listen_state with the oneshot parameter after set_state in the callback function.

I might have missed the point, as I can’t see your code, bad gateway error.