Set target_temp_high (or low) on Nest

Anyone know the right way to do this? In the developer tools for climate.set_temperature I’ve tried:


In an automation policy I’ve tried:

    service: climate.set_temperature
    entity_id: climate.basement
      target_temp_high: '74'

For both, I get the same error:

16-10-20 19:29:14 homeassistant.core: Invalid service data for climate.set_temperature: some but not all values in the same group of inclusion ‘temperature’ @ data[]. Got None

Just a punt, but I think the component expects both high and low to be set at the same time. I tried including both via dev tools and there was no error. but since i don’t have a high-low capable thermostat no change occurred so no idea if it actually would work…


You’re right. That’s it! Not bad for a punt!

I signed in just to thank you d2a i have been messing with this for like 5 hours and you had the answer! this post should be easier to find!