Set the "white" brightness on RGBW light?

Hey all,

Nether “white” or “white_value” seem to do anything and cant see anything under dev tools either?

How can I see the expanded list?

effect_list: None, Breathing Red
supported_color_modes: rgbw
color_mode: rgbw
brightness: 3
hs_color: 0, 67.059
rgb_color: 255, 84, 84
rgbw_color: 255, 0, 0, 125
xy_color: 0.611, 0.306
effect: Breathing Red
friendly_name: Printer Lamp
supported_features: 44

I use white: 255 to set it to max white brightness on one of my lights but another is different and I use rgbw_color: [0,0,0,255]

Thanks mate,

Its ESP home, I actually want to only set “white” to about 10%. But I cant seem to set this anywhere, only though the GUI

(using Node Red)


Ok, so if I add it to an automation and check the YAML

I get this value

        white: 10

But if I try to set that in NR


Does nothing :frowning:

Is this a bug?

Don’t forget that 100% is white: 255, so 10% will be white: 25. Using a value of 10 probably won’t even turn the light on.

I don’t use node red so can’t help on the syntax for that

Ahh, ive got ya.

That would work actually. But Ive got the syntax wrong and sadly the “Load Example Data” seems to be broken.

Anyway, Ill see what I can figure out.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

You’re a champ!

Thanks mate, worked like this