Set track: no as default for known_devices.yaml

I’m using device_tracker to identify home and away status of family mobiles which uses known_devices.yaml to track specific devices.

The problem is that any new device which connects to my wifi network automatically has the track flag set to “yes” and consequently shows up in HA.

Is there any way to set the default track flag to “no” so that I can enable it manually for the devices I want to track?

I think you can add the parameter “track_new_devices” and set it to false or no

Do I add this to configuration.yaml or known_devices.yaml?

Into configuration.yaml

Thanks I’ll give it a try.

Let’s me please now if it works and mark the discussion as solved.

The correct syntax is:
track_new_devices: no
which is a sub of device_tracker:

Solved thanks!


Are you using this tracker?

At the moment I am using luci because my router is openwrt. I may use a combination of both as luci is sometimes inaccurate.