Set TTS Speed

Is possible to set TTS speed in TTS integration service?

In documentation is speed mentioned

The say service support language and on some platforms also options for set, i.e., voice, motion, speed, etc. The text for speech is set with message. Since release 0.92, service name can be defined in configuration service_name option.

but it does not working when I try to set it in this way

service: tts.google_translate_say
  entity_id: media_player.sox
  message: Test
  language: en
    speed: 0.2

The important part is some platforms support it, the google translate integration has nothing in the docs, therefore it’s not supported.

Ah okay, and what platforms? Can you write me some examples please?

I don’t know, go to the integrations page and filter for tts integrations, then check the docs for these integrationa on whether they have the speed option or not.