Set ui-lovelace to default dashboard

Hello HA community.
I am an absolute newbie here and I am trying to figure out how does everything work.

This specific issue, I am struggling with, is related to default dashboard setup. I was trying to follow this guide Multiple Dashboards - Home Assistant (
about default dashboard setup, where it is saying that I need to move all my ui-lovelace.yaml contents into new .yaml that is created in Config folder.

The thing is:
I have installed the Lovelace dashboard from hacs and I see it in the ui_lovelace_minimalist/dashboard folder and it is running perfectly there

So according to the guide I need, basically, to move this ui-lovelace.yaml file (and I believe the views and popup related folders as well) in the Config folder root.

I also add the missing mode: yaml lines to configuration.yaml

Right after that, I am getting a lot of errors and of course the view contains error text only:

My thought was that the “xxx-cards” can’t find the path to the .js files therefore it doesn’t appear in the view. However, I tried all different paths and moving the folder with custom-cards in different places but still the same. Also, a bit confused about path:0 line showing error in ui-lovelace.yaml

Can somebody please explain me what exactly am I missing…

Setup: Raspberry Pi 3 - HA OS

Hi, welcome to the forum!

Is there any reason doing it ‘the hard way’?
You just create new dashboards from the UI by going into Settings → Dashboards.
After creating them you could copy raw data or individual cards.
Then, per user/device you select the default dashboard for that situation.

BTW: your post is in ‘Share your Projects’ which is not the right category for this.

Hi Nick,

Thank you for reply. I will try that out :slight_smile:
Could please give a hint which category should I use for the case?

What do you mean by ‘category’?

I was thinking about your technical issue… :star_struck:
Configuration as main and ‘Dashboard & Frontend’ is OK.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Then just one more question :slight_smile:

How to add a custom button-card for example, as the one I have in default ui-lovelace.yaml
I see all resources are here:

But view still can’t find it:

Do I need to add path in configuration.yaml to card_template as url: ? If yes, what is the type?

Have you seen this: GitHub - custom-cards/button-card: ❇️ Lovelace button-card for home assistant

Hi @Oleg_D , can you please mark this thread as solved?
That way it can help others and/or nobody jumps in anymore trying to help you.