Set up HA on Apple TV 1/Linux - Good idea?


I’m new to HA and this forum. Firstly I hope this is posted in the right place (and this question has not been answered already, but I didn’t seem to find earlier posts on the subject)

I’m playing with the idea of setting up Home Assistant on an old Apple TV 1 collecting dust in a drawer. I understand I could install Linux on the ATV, so in theory this should be possible?

Has anyone done this, and could give me a few pointers? Which install should I be using in this case?



Much easier to start out with a Pi as the support would be significantly greater. Creating a one-off hardware install is going to make your support harder. Just sayin…

Since there is no hassos for apple TV, you only have 2 choices : a venv or docker. A venv can be a hassle to keep up with the Python versions, so I would say docker.

Thanks for the replies. Seems one advises against the whole idea and the other confirms it’s possible (but is it advisable?) I don’t know what docker is, but I guess I’ll read up on it.