Set up NVR CCTV System from DMSS?

Hey, I have access to a CCTV system from an app called DMSS. It’s a NVR and hosted by me but the way that I access it on the app is I just put in a Serial Number, name and password and it connects to all my 16 cameras. Is there a way I can get this on home assistant? All the options for cameras require an IP and I have no idea what the IP for my CCTV is or how I can find it or what to do if I did. Any idea?

Is it from dahua

For security this sound real insecure.

Are these IP cameras or analog?

Can you get a model # for the cameras? Are they all the same

How are they “hosted”? What does that actually mean to you?

If these are IP cams I would consider setting up a server with frigate and connecting cameras to that. HA has frigate integration. You can also connect the directly to HA,

If Analog with DVR I expect the DVR has restream capabilities. In this case you would need to turn on restream and send that output to HA or frigate

Need more details to know what may work for you

They’re all connected to this PC downstairs. For the actually models I’m not sure cause they were set up a while ago by someone I no longer have access to and the cameras are not exactly in reachable locations. But no I don’t believe they are IP cameras I believe they are all physically wired into the computer. The most I know is that I can access it from this app from anywhere. I can try give the PC a closer look because I can manage the CCTV from there too but I think it’s relatively old tech?

As for “dahua” I sadly have only first heard of that name while looking up this problem.

just need to look and see if they connect with ethernet cable or coax cable? plug in tip like phone or computer or screw on like cable box/antenna?

This is not standard so need pictures or model numbers.