Set value current energy?

How can I set already current energy values. I have a shelly3m, with three probes A - B - C. To these three probes I should add current current values. How can I do. To use everything through the energy meter.

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If I understand your question correctly you can ‘calibrate’ your sensors readings by placing any value you want into that sensor. This is useful if using an ‘increasing_total’ sensor to log energy consumption, and you want your HA reading to match your actual meter reading.

If you go to Developer Tools > Services and add this yaml (below) to the box, it should replace the current sensor value with 30208. You would click the ‘Call Service’ button to calibrate with this value you have entered. The Call Service button will change to a green checkmark if successful. The value can be whatever you want - zero, or the current reading on your meter.

Just change the entity_id: to match the names of your own sensors, and change the value between the quotes to whatever value you need. If using 3 sensors, you may have to do this three times, and each time change the entity_id name and value

service: utility_meter.calibrate
  entity_id: sensor.gas_meter
  value: '30208'

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