Setting a default brightness for lights... when turned on via Alexa


I’m looking to be able to set a default brightness (and color temperature) for my lights when they’re turned on based on the time of day. This is easy enough to do in pure HA using an input_number and syncing the status between the bulb and the state, and always calling light.turn_on with the value, but how do I do this if I also want it to apply when I turn on the lights via Alexa (I’m using haaska)? It seems like that connects the Alexa intent directly to a service light.turn_on call; is there any way to intercept that and inject some custom parameters?

I created a Blueprint that does this. Instead of ‘intercepting’ it will just listen for that light(s) to turn on and the quickly set the right brightness/color temperature.
If you just want a brightness/color (not color temperature) then Home Assistant’s Default Turn-on Value is where you need to go.