Setting a scene for home automation


I’ve got a light set up with some leds, so that the colours can be changed and different effects can be run.

I’ve then added an automation for the light to enable an hour before sunset. Works fine. Then I realised I wanted an effect to commence, when the light turns on. Although I can not get this to work. The automation works but only cones on as a single colour, rather than the Rainbow Effect.

I put this into the sceme yaml file and then added this to the automation. Any ideas please?

- name: Theos Stars Rainbow
     state: 'on'
     brightness: 255
     effect: Rainbow Effect

Considering transition: has only just been added to scenes, effect: may not be supported.

In that case use a script instead of a scene. You have to use services (e.g. light.turn_on) instead of just specifying states for the entity.

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Okay, thank you. I’ll have a look into that tomorrow.