Setting Area from within ESPHome

I have a number of ESPHome devices, I would like to set the “area” for them in the ESPHome yaml file in order to simplify adding them into HA. Is this an option?

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I don’t believe so, but its a one off, 2 seconds for each new device.

sure but after tweaking configs and re flashing devices and having to delete each device and readd, just trying to get all the steps cut to 0

…why that?

Well if you change the name of a entity or remove it the easiest way to clean things up is delete the ESPHome integration for that device and readd it. As I have been working on converting devices over from Tasmota it has resulted in a few add/deletes. Unless there is a better way to refresh the device?

Here are some ESPHome configs if anyone is interested: GitHub - crzykidd/esphome-configs: Different ESPhome Configs

For me changes of the entities name and other stuff (removing/adding components) are just reflected on ha virtually instantly after flashing the esphome node with the new version.

For rare cases their is even a “reload” button on each and every esphome integration (in ha) to enforce changes from the esphome node.

If I rename an entity the old name stays on the device as unavailable. and I can’t delete it… so the only way I have found to clean it up is remove and readd the ESPHome device. Maybe an HA reboot would clean it up.