Setting/change z-wave region?

Hey there,

I’ve got a couple of z-wave devices already setup with Home Assistant, but just had a new type of window sensor arrive and can’t get it to join the network. It’s only just dawned on me that I’ve been buying stuff from different locations online and they might be setup for different regions so talking on different frequencies.

I can’t find anything to explain how you’d check what frequency you’re using or how you might change a device from one frequency to another. I’m using the GoControl ZWave/Zigbee combo USB controlled in a Raspi4. The device I can’t get to connect is a Neo Coolcam window sensor, I have some Fibaro devices connected already though so I know the controller works.


Welcome to the world of economics. The trick is called ‘market segregation’ and designed so the manufactures get the maximum profit while preventing consumers to import from markets where the same products are cheaper. Always check before you buy if it has your frequency.

Actually, in this case not economics :wink:

This is about where in the world those unlicensed frequencies are available, as explained here.

Generally speaking, devices are fixed to certain frequencies, you can’t change them.

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