Setting cover level for Homematic in scene

Hey there,

I haven’t touched my scenes in many months and now that I set up my Amazon Echo integration I revisited this part to trigger it via the Alexa component.

My old code that did the job ad some point doesn’t work anymore and triggers an error:

 WARNING:homeassistant.helpers.state:reproduce_state: Unable to reproduce state <state cover.hm_rollofenster_schlafzimmer=None; set_level=0.6

The old code was:

    set_level: 0.6, 1

Of course, I changed it to cover.devicename when that update happened. BTW: state:open and state:closed works flawlessly.

I tried a bunch of combinations like position, set_position, set_level etc., nothing I came up with worked. What am I supposed to put in there?

Thanks in advance

Hi FitzZZ,

Did you get an answer or find a solution?
You can also answer in German.

I am currently trying to create an automation in hassio for a Homematic shutter, but I do not know how to implement the action.

I would like to close the shutter at a defined condition (sunset) to a defined value (30%).

regards / Beste Grüße helfm