Setting ESPHome climate set temp entity?

I have searched and not found a solution to this.

I want to be able to press a hardware button and increase or decrease the target temperature of my climate device. However I can’t seem to find a way to expose those variables to be editable. They have to be in some fashion though because a climate card in lovelace has the capability.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

Where did you configure this climate controller? Is it on an esp? The esp with the physical button? Is it through HA?

You can do a call service from ESP-Home:
Native API Component — ESPHome

I would run a script, and in the script set the temperature ± 0.1 or whatever you want.
But you could create a sensor in ESP-Home that holds the target temp and then send {{ target_temp +- 0.1 }} to the climate entity.

This is what I am wanting to do, but I do not understand and can’t seem to search the right phrase to create the sensor in esphome

I gave you an exact link