Setting lovelace card title height

Hopefully, I’m missing something obvious here. I want to reduce the height of card titles. There are a couple of theme variables I’m using:


The 2nd of those works for entity cards. But it seems that both picture-entity and glance cards don’t use either. Inspect shows:

.header:not(:empty) {
    font-size: 24px;

I assume I can’t do anything to that with a theme? Would custom-card-modder do it (although I’d rather not add extra custom components if possible).

In case anyone else is interested …

I’m sure one day, all this theme stuff will be worked out, but for now:

I couldn’t get custom-card-modder to do what I wanted. For other reasons I was looking into custom-vertical-stack-in-card found it’s title themes correctly. For cards where the title won’t I will wrap it in that.