Setting state of entity on a certain day

My power_use_from_grid delivered a wrong state on the 26th of May which leads in way to high consumption. According to that I consumed over 30.000 kWh in one day. Where I consumed about 1 kWh a day.

Is there a way to fix this?


thank a lot for the tip!

Be advised that although it lets you fix the incorrect energy values, it doesn’t correct the calculated energy cost (if you are tracking cost).

I have a static energy price set for various devices and after changing a few incorrect energy values, the calculated price remains unchanged (i.e. it’s still based on the incorrect energy values).

Fixing the incorrect costs would probably require modifying values (somewhere) in the database and I haven’t yet decided if the time, effort, and risk (of data corruption) is worth it. EDIT See post below by karwosts.

Thank you very much. That way I could correct it.

But you are right. Sadly, the price is incorrect and can‘t be adjusted :frowning_face:

You should have a _cost statistic in your database the same as you have an energy statistic, and that _cost statistic can be adjusted in devtools in the same way as the energy.



Thank you! That will help me clean up all the negative costs (without poking around in the database).

Thank you. That worked