Setting temperature using alexa

Hey guys,

I’m trying to set temperature using Alexa.

The speech is ok, I don’t have any error on my log but nothing happens.

    text: "OK. Alfred is setting the temperature to {{ requested_level }} degrees"
    - service: climate.set_temperature
        temperature: "{{ requested_level }}"
        operation_mode: "heat"

Any idea?

Update: Is not possible to change temp from Alexa app also.

Is this a Custom Intent from Alexa?

Also. Maybe see this post?

It’s from Dec '16. :confused:

It is from 2016, but it might be relevant to your question. Also, are you using Custom Alexa Intents or Hue Emulation?

I’m using custom alexa intents.

It’s weird because the speech in this intent and other intents are working fine.

The code you share looks like only the scripts part. Can you share you HA intents associated with this (from your configuration.yaml)

Have a look at my set up:

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