Setting the logger level correctly for wireless bulbs

I had a Xiaomi light bulb. I tend to control it mainly from the light switch and use it “smartly” when away.
The issue I have is that when I switch it off at with the physical switch, I then get flooded with error messages like:

2019-06-28 15:12:37 ERROR (MainThread) [miio.device] Unable to discover a device at address

I’m trying to set the logs for this light to be critical but haven’t managed it.
Here are the lines I’ve tried so far:

    homeassistant.components.xiaomi_miio.light: critical
    homeassistant.components.light.lolo_bedside_light: critical
    homeassistant.components.light: critical

The light is declared as such under light:

- platform: xiaomi_miio
  name: Lolo Bedside Light
  token: !secret xiaomi_token_lolo_bedside_light

Any ideas?

have you tried miio.device

Hi Petro,

As obvious as it now looks to me, I’ve just tried and it doesn’t work either :frowning:
just tried these without success:

    homeassistant.components.miio.device: critical
    homeassistant.components.miio: critical

miio.device: critical only was the solution. Thanks :+1:

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Yah thats what I thought it would be

Rule of thumb: Use the phrase in the square brackets []:

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This is why it now looks so obvious… Doh…
Well you learn and live, yes? :smiley:

It’s not really spelled out in the docs so it was trial and error for me when I learned about it.