Setting the Unifi Network detection time

I’m using the unifi network integration with presence detection.

The default detection time is 300 seconds, I’ve seen a lot of post that it would be possible to change (lower) that amount of seconds.

But it seems in the current version of the Unifi Network integration it is not possible to change that value.

Anybody any tips on how to lower that detection time?

it’s possible. Re-configure the integration by clicking the configure button.

Pressing that button only shows this:


Advanced mode is enabled in HA.

yes, continue through the wizard. You are only at step 1. It can be changed later in the wizard.

Ah yes thanks a lot.

The first time I added my phone it only added it as an entity and the other steps were ignored.
After I toggled the advanced mode to off and on again the wizard started.

Careful with how much you crank that down. Devices do flap, and you want to be able to account for that.

It seems it used to be much more stable in older versions (I used to be able to do a 5 second timer), but now I’m using 120 seconds. That obviously introduces a bit of a delay, but IMO stability and accuracy is more important than immediacy - for the purposes that I use those sensors for.


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