Setting the value of a helper (boolean_input) in an automation

I have created a boolean input and now I am trying to set its value in an automation.

At the action stage of the automation, I choose “Call service” and then for service I choose “Switch: Turn on” however I can’t find the boolean_input anywhere under the targets.

Even though it kind of acts like a switch, an input boolean is not a switch as far as HA is concerned. To set it you need to use the input_boolean.turn_on, input_boolean.turn_off, or input_boolean.toggle services.


Thanks, found it :slight_smile:

This helped me too, thx! A follow-up: How do I find available methods on a given entity? Now I just search the forums and hope there is something there…

Every core integration should have it’s available service calls listed on its documentation page. For many entities you can use the Developer Tools > Services tool to narrow down the available services on your instance by typing the domain of the entity (input_text, button, number, etc) into the input field.