Setting Theme in LIFX Integration Changes Brightness

Hi all,

I’m using the LIFX Integration with a number of different lights, and I want to set a theme on them that changes every hour. Unfortunately, it seems that when I set the theme of a light, whether through the UI or an automation, it changes the brightness to a seemingly random high percentage like 80% or 90%. I’d like to keep the brightness as it is when applying a theme; does anyone know if this is possible?

How are you setting the theme? If you’re using the theme selector for a LIFX Beam or Light strip, then the brightness value is part of theme and matches what the LIFX smartphone app would use (or used to).

Edited to add that you can see the various HSBK values for each theme in the source code of the library used by Home Assistant. For example, here are the values for the blissful theme:

Interesting, I wasn’t aware that’s how it worked. I suppose the only way around that would be to change all the brightness values of the themes to whatever the current temperature of the beam/lightstrip is with a template right? Unfortunately I’m not seeing a way to do so using the integration, aside from manually setting each zone’s HSBK value…

As a side question, how does the theme selector work with the Tiles or Candle? Is brightness not part of the same themes when used with those devices?

I’ve been looking at adding an option to ignore the theme brightness and just set colour. I’m hoping to find some time to implement it over the next month or so.

The Tile and Candle apply themes via firmware, so they are able to ignore brightnes.

That would be amazing if you’re able to find the time! Appreciate what you’ve done for the LIFX Integration, it’s come a long way.