Setting up a dumb tv and receiver on HA using Roku

Im hoping my question is an easy one. I’m pretty green to this. I have 2, Wled light strips and a kaufman bulb in a lantern in our outside bar. All 3 are in HA. We also have a dumb tv, hooked into a dumb yamaha amp. Hooked into these is a Roku which i can see in HA. Plugged into the Roku is a USB stick with videos. Currently, i use the Roku remote to que up the videos on the TV. There are only 4-5 videos.
What id really like to do, is get a thunderstorm effect going with my lights but also pipe the sound off that usb stick in the roku. I read you can add application ID’s to get specific channels like disney but i couldnt find anything about using a USB stick. There is an “app” on the Roku menu for pictures, videos and sounds. Can anyone share some advice on how to achieve this, with my setup? Ty!