Setting up a Nexus 7 as an alarm/control pad for Konnected, camera, and Lights

So I’ve gotten Home Assistant running on a Raspberry Pi 3b and I’ve purchased a 16 zone Konnected kit (2 modules, 8 zones a piece), and if you can believe it, actually am able to see the zone info in Hassio! I’m pretty proud of myself, but I’m completely overwhelmed on how to get a basic Alarm Panel / Control Panel to work on my Nexus 7. I can get to the web interface and interact with all my smart switches, but I’m just overwhelmed or confused or both on how to get a Konnected control panel setup for arm/disarm. Also, I have a Ubiquiti camera that I’d love to bring up on an interface along with the arm/disarm, light control.

My first question, is how do I get an alarm panel up and running, and the second question, is there an easy control pad software where I can build the interface I need (or better yet, is thereon already out there)?