Setting up a wifi remote controller for hass

Hi all I am new to home automation and home assistant I have been able to setup home assistant on a pi 3 and have 12 zigbee lights and one zigbee switch working. I not really getting how to setup wifi devices and I cant seem to find any documentation in that. So that the first thing. the second is that i bought a philip easy control smart wifi remote and was wondering if anyone knew if it is possible to add it to Hass. I got it home depot here is the url

Hi there. What are the wifi devices that you want to setup with HA? Integration of any device depends upon what is type, brand etc for eg: the method to integrate a tuya device is different from a philips hue device. So tell more about the devices.

Secondly with the philips remote, I dont think that you should integrate it with HA, that is because we will be integrating all the devices which could be controlled with this remote to HA directly. So if we have to control the devices directly from HA without the use of this remote.

I don’t have any wifi devices right now but it is good to know that they all are setup differently depending on device. I have a zigbee button that has single press 2 click press and long press and can turn on turn off lights and dim and brighten with it but I was hoping to use the Philips smart remote to do the same things. it has an on, off, 4 scene/automation buttons and a + and - dim on it so i was hoping to use it to control 12 zigbee lights like I can with the zigbee button or the phone app but I don’t know how I can add the remote to home assistant.