Setting Up Home Assistant for a New Hotel: Seeking Advice on Hardware, Backup Plans, and Integrations

I’m setting up Home Assistant for my new hotel with the following specifications:

  • Area: 3,000 sqm (33,000 sqft)
  • Devices: 700 Zigbee devices (door sensors, motion sensors, circuit breakers, wireless switches, etc.)
  • Gateways: Multiple Zigbee SLZB-06 gateways
  • Automations: 600 automations
  • Integrations:
    • Frigate for face recognition
    • Node-Red for programming

I have several questions about managing this large system for proper management, best practices, and backup plans for system failure or device issues:

  1. Recommended Hardware: What hardware do you recommend for running Home Assistant OS to meet all my requirements? Budget is not a concern.
  2. Backup Plan for Home Assistant Failure: What backup plan would you recommend for Home Assistant failure?
  3. Using Multiple Home Assistant Instances: Should I use two Home Assistant instances on the same network for backup or to distribute devices to manage the number of entities? How would you recommend setting this up?
  4. Backup Plan for Zigbee Gateway Failure: If a Zigbee SLZB-06 gateway fails, what is the best backup plan to re-pair all Zigbee devices?
  5. Managing Frigate Integration: I plan to use Frigate for face recognition. Given that Frigate is resource-intensive, what additional tools or hardware would you recommend to manage this requirement efficiently?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated!

Have you actually sat down and planned out that zigbee deployment?

Have you thought out the wifi plan for the hotel?

Have you thought about how they coexist and what will you do when your guest lights up thier own wifi and kills your zigbee mesh?

The first thing I do when I sit down in a hotel is I open a pocket router spoofing my laptop’s Mac address to give that expensive hotel wifi access give to all my gear - oops another wifi channel… Times… all your guests…

(theres a reason you don’t see a lot of zigbee in hotel deploy scenarios and apartment complex deploy of zigbee is awful - and most of it has to do with the interference factor on 2.4 Ghz and is part of the reason zigbee pro spec and ZWave exist.)

If it were mine I’d step back and wonder just because I can does it mean I SHOULD? Hotels are commercial spaces with special requirements. Can you meet those requirements with your plan as it stands right now. (my bet is you will not have a good experience as spec’d)


Frigate doesn’t do face recognition or face detection. I guess it is possible to add custom model for face detection but this is not out of box thing.

Frigate does object detection and in your case the object is “Person” / people.

For monitoring and ease of use in commercial HA will do OK. You MUST not rely upon it and all systems primary use should be manual. But to keep track of status and make things easier to manage it is Ok. I say this as someone who use HA 7+yrs and 20+ years automation/consumer electronics design/ electronics support and service. I would not deploy this in commercial space with no prior understanding of HA or automation. I would beta test proposed devices and deployment 6 months before I would even begin to think of how I may deploy let alone start buying final products or install