Setting up Homeassistant on RasPi4, should I use existing SmartThings or buy Conbee?


I’ve acquired some plugs, sensors, google home-stuff since I’ve moved to a house. I am going to need to get a lot of stuff talking with each other when I am setting up a new plant house that must be heated and plants watered automatically. The equipment I have is many Aqara temps, Mi Flora’s, Deltaco Plugs, some Philip Hue lamps, a M2 Hub, a Philips Hue Bridge, Google Home/Mesh network and a SmartThings hub.

Hence I am looking at buying a Raspberry Pi and setting up HomeAssistent on it.

I have a few questions, some that probably is obvious for someone using the gear but that I haven’t been able to find answers on:

  1. Should I buy a Conbee II or use my existing SmartThings hub to communicate with Zigbee gear?

  2. Can something be connected to like both my Aquara M2 Hub/Philips Bridge and to HomeAssistent?

  3. I have some Bluetooth gear that will be central in important configuration for my plant house, like Mi Floras (or is it Mi Plant?). Anyway — can the RasPi connect to Bluetooth gear, or do I need some other conbee similar stick that can connect to Bluetooth, or is it better to have one of those gadgets that connects BT to WiFi?

  4. I would like to have my RasPi also function as a NAS. Is it somewhat easy and reliable to install that equipment and have many functions? Like Decker instead of directly go for the Hass standard directly?

I am tremendously great full for any thoughts, advice, tips and tricks you might have! Thanks!

Get a ConBee, then you can ditch the Hue and the Xiaomi hub and can connect all devices to one zigbee stick.

The Pi speaks bluetooth but may be better to have a separate Pi that reports to HA through MQTT.

Don’t do that, the Pi with an SD card is definitely not appropriate for a fast and reliable NAS!


Thanks Burningstone!

I was thinking about getting a SSD and use that instead of a SD. Is it workable then?

It will work but I would definitely not recommend it as a NAS and Home Assistant on the same machine.

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