Setting up multiple google homes? best practices? spliting entities?


i am planning to buy another google home, for upstairs
but what are best practices, and how to setup?

for obvious things like, Light kitchen on/off , or screens down, and stuff like that, those services can be linked to both google homes

but what about common names?
for example
“Volume up” on google home nr1 , needs to turn up my volume non my radio below
Volume up on google home nr2 , needs to turn up my volume non my radio in the bahtroom

i dont want to say “volume up in bathroom” its too long :slight_smile:

So in google component (HA local), i was thinking about setting up 2 projects, with each his own configuration/devices, is that even possible? if yes is it also possible with the HA cloud version? because there is offcourse only 1 cloud component/service…

or how do you guys do this? thnx for advice

Having multiple Google Homes is fine. I have 3. They will all have access to all devices that you expose to Google. Can you explain the volume issue? If you ask a Google Home to increase its volume, it will only increase that one, not all, or are you referring to it controlling a HA media_player?

yes, i have created a switch “volume up” & “volume down”

that links to my media_player downstairs

so i also want to say on my second home “volume up” & “volume down”, thats should control my media_player upstairs :slight_smile:


my google home nr 1 : is located in the kictchen, so created an alias like “light on” and it will turn the light in kitchen on

my google home nr 2 : will be in the bathroom, so i also want to say , “light on” , and it needs to turn bathroom light on :slight_smile:

you can allocate the Google Home devices to a room, and do the same with the HA devices in your Google Assistant component config so that each one knows what to control for that room.


    room: bedroom
      - bedroom lamp
      - bedroom light
    room: lounge
    room: dining
      - dining table light
      - dining room light
      - dining light

yes, you can define rooms, and put the google home in the same rooms, but you are working with diferrent aliasses

i want have for example 2 switchs/scripts
room is then indeed differerent, but the name and aliasses are going the same

like this for example, so if i place google home device in room1 and google home device nr 2 in room2
will the google fire the correct switch ? or is it going to say : ok , turning on 2 x volumes

  name: Volume
  expose: false
  room: room1
    - Volume
    - Geluid
  name: Volume
  expose: false
  room: room2
    - Volume
    - Geluid

It will turn on the correct one for that room

ok, hope its going to work


is it also possible to create 2 projects on the google actions site
then in google assisant component, create 2 projects ? like

project_id: number1
api_key: xxxx
expose_by_default: false

project_id: number2
api_key: xxxx
expose_by_default: false

You can create multiple Google Projects but I’m fairly certain that HA only allows you to connect to one

ok, thnx for all info