Setting up my Home Automation and Home Audio System

I am a bit of novice home automation enthusiast, and I am also interested in audio systems.

So, I got myself into Home Assistant.

What I was aiming to is to get my home automated for the things that I really need when I am out.

So main problem is security.

I have Reolink Camera RLC-410W on my front door, so I wanted to get it in my HA setup in order to be able to see it on my tablet and also to trigger events when someone is at door and nobody is home.

This went well just using standard camera integration in HA and creating motion triggers and home occupation in HA automation.

Notifications were sent to mail in case all conditions are met.

Next thing on my list was my balcony skyline windows.

As I have 6 windows on my balcony roof which are motorized with linear actuators connected to Wifi switches (Tuya) I wanted to automate closing in correlation with weather conditions.

I added 6 sensors on my balcony windows in order to get their state (open\closed).

So, what I did is create HA automatization connecting sensors state and weather precipitation and wind conditions so Tuya switches would be initiated for windows closure.

This went well again.

Next was my Midea AC. It came with Wifi dongle, so I easily integrated it into my HA.

So, a couple of HA automations regarding weather temperature sensors and time of day was easy to do.

Also, BroadLink Wifi switch connected to my water heater in bathroom was again easy.

I also added Google Calendar integration into HA so I could use some calendar events for some automations as well.

Plan was to switch on AC and water heater on day that my family will be coming home from summer vacation.

Next project that I plan is to integrate blinds motor (BLE) with time of day, so my blinds are down when sun is shining directly (afternoon during summer) and in case nobody is home.

I will get Tuya BLE blinds motor and also get some IKEA blinds for this project.

Finally getting around to my audio system what I wanted is to create some kind of Home Audio System that could be wireless and multizone.

And the plan is to utilize my existing old audio equipment for this.

I have Yamaha AV Receiver which does not have Wifi or LAN modules.

So, what I needed is the way to get it connected to my Wifi.

Also, I have four 80W passive speakers (Pioneer and Grundig) and one 150W active subwoofer (Jazz).

After researching options over internet, I finally decided to go with Arylic products.

There is a line of products that could be used in my case.

For Yamaha I got Arylic A50 preamp that I used as Yamaha RCA input.

I considered to use Up2Stream Pro board and put it inside Yamaha amp but I did not want to weld Up2Stream board to Yamaha board and jeopardize my Yamaha AV.

In this way I managed to use Yamaha as a part of Wifi audio system and still keep it intact.

I also could connect Yamaha AV back to A50 and make Yamaha as audio input for A50.

In this way I could send audio from Yamaha and then use A50 as jump point for all other Arylic products to play what Yamaha sends (FM tuner or HDMI audio).

I have four 15W and one 20W passive Jazz speakers connected to Yamaha.

What I also did is connecting Google Chromecast Audio pack to Arylic A50 so I can use it in Google ecosystem as I already had four Google Home\Mini speakers and one Google Chromecast TV.

Then what I did with Grundig and Pioneer speakers is that I ordered four Arylic Up2Stream Mono Amps and four 15W UPS.

So, I screwed Arylic amps to speakers on back, screwed UPS on back as well.

Now I have four active speakers with Arylic amps and connected to my Wifi.

What I also did is ordered Arylic SPDIF IN boards for Up2Stream amps so I can connect again Google Chromecast Audio packs to these speakers.

Finally, I ordered Arylic Up2Stream Sub amp and replaced my old board from Jazz Subwoofer with Up2Stream amp so I got Wifi Subwoofer.

What I also did is I opened my Chinese copy of JBL Xtreme2 portable speaker and implemented inside Arylic Up2Stream mini board. Now I can use this portable speaker in my Wifi network or use it together with all other Arylic products.

Now I was able to create Arylic speaker groups and\or Google speaker groups.

Everything works very well with Arylic own android app 4Stream.

I was able to link together speakers in multizone setup and play either TuneIn radio, Deezer, Spotify, Tidal or local library.

All of my audio devices still can be used as before.

My speakers have double audio inputs and switch between them so I can either connect Up2Stream amp and make them active speakers or connect directly to my Yamaha AV Receiver and use them as passive speakers.

Xtreme2 can still be used as before if I disconnect Up2Stream mini 3.5mm cable from its AUX IN.

I can also disconnect USB power between Xtreme2 and Up2Stream mini so it is not pulling power from it.

Only thing that I can`t do anymore is to use my Subwoofer as before as I replaced Jazz board completely.

Up2Stream Sub amp those have AUX IN but it is 3.5mm one.

My old Jazz board had RCA bass input and I could connect it with Yamaha AV receiver with RCA bass cable.

Now I have lost that.

But as my Jazz Subwoofer board was buggy at least now I have working sub.
What I also did was to use my PC as audio player by adding Arylic S10 preamp via USB as sound output on Windows. In this way I could play music from PC audio player to S10 and then group other Arylic products to S10.

What I found out is that I could use Arylic products with HA by using LinkPlay integration.

So, I created mini media player HA cards for each of Arylic products.

Mini media player is good for choosing source input but also it can be used for browsing media content on my local network or even my Tidal account.

Now my new project is to create some HA automations by using my audio devices and other sensors in HA.

Here are some photos of my DIY project :wink:


@Vitezovi Does your A50 work with HA? I am thinking about buying the A50+ but I can’t see anything saying it works with HA through LinkPlay integration.